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Frequently Asked Questions

About Book Rebinding and Restoration at Molly Stark Bindery
Does rebinding or restoration affect the value of my book?

It depends on the quality of the book binder’s work. Matching original material and style is important. If a book is bound in leather, the new binding should be in leather as well. Replacing a leather binding with an inexpensive cloth binding would decrease the book’s value.

Will my book look like new?

Only if you want it to. Rebound, restored and replica bindings are made to look the age of the book by binding in the same manner as the original book was bound and distressing the binding to appear subjected to time and use.

Is my book beyond repairing?

No. You may not want to make the investment necessary to restore a book to its original condition, but no book is beyond repair. In some instances, the value of the book left alone, without repair or restoration, is considerable and the logical approach is to have a clamshell box made to contain the book in its entirety, without work to the book itself. We offer this service as well.

How do I send you my books? Is it safe?

Well wrapped and sturdily boxed books nearly always survive shipping with no adverse effects, barring acts of God or freak accidents which could also occur in your home. Package delivery companies and U.S. Mail are reliable shipping methods.

What’s the difference between repair, restoration & conservation?

Repairs are items necessary to return a book to readable condition. Common repairs are mending torn pages, reattaching covers, strengthening corners, reattaching section of text.

Restoration includes repair and can also include cleaning leather covers, restoring their luster, dying scuff marks and scratches, repairing worn, torn or chewed corners, creating new covers or spines and resewing bindings.

Conservation takes things a step further and includes cleaning books to remove acid or mold, retooling gold on a leather cover, using authentic period end pieces. Other efforts may include new covers that exactly match period materials and typestyles.